On equity, and tears as righteous as the stars

What of I-
a shameful, bounded pronoun,
kept in serious regard
by fidgety masters of angular homes.

but for you, though tired,
though cut to pulp and sinew,
and grave through trials,
my soul is choked by your tears.

for 114 minutes i find slow words faltering-
and consider at length, the thoughts of another-
“the same heat warms tears
as bears scars on a home.”

how keenly love wells up-
and after love’s death,
like fireflies glow, it returns-
momentarily de-focusing the world

Love is –
the most beautiful ,
lapse of judgement.

and you deserve somebody who appreciates the beauty in lapses in judgement.


One thought on “On equity, and tears as righteous as the stars

  1. this poem is … incredibly beautiful. Your poems have the same effect on me, always–at least in a general sense. I have tried many times to understand them. I have, in the past, read them again and again, hoping to dissect them and understand them. I’ve looked up mythological allusions and symbolism. And since I know you, I feel I probably have more insight into them than a stranger who might stumble upon them. But even so, I don’t think that I’ve ever been able to really discern what your poems mean. Not even once. But at the same time, they affect such an arousal of emotions in me which is curious considering I have NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE REALLY ABOUT. This one in particular made me cry. Here I am crying, and I don’t even know over what. But that is the very essence of your poems which I love. I have tried for a very long time to understand precisely what it is about your poems that I am so enamored with, but I think that’s what it is, right there. The fact that my mind had absolutely no comprehension of what they’re about, but yet I can feel so deeply moved. I guess, then, that they’re rather like a work of abstract art … which often makes no logical sense, but invokes an emotional response. Then the larger question is–does the subconscious understand what the cerebral and intellectual can’t? Is it my own interpretations through experiences that is creating the emotional connection? Is there some way that your poetry, along with works of modern art, somehow bypasses all things logical and goes deep into the psyche? Somehow, knowing you, I doubt that this is explicitly your aim–but I have finally pinpointed the enigmatic quality of your poems which make them ingenious to me.

    I was actually contemplating this a few days ago when I realized this, but it took longer for the formation of words to come to describe the thoughts engendered by your poetry. And then I thought about my poetry, and what it lacked–I suppose they feel too forced. It’s much like my artwork–I have tried many times to create abstract pieces of art but I haven’t discovered that threshold and it makes me incredibly frustrated. I wrote, for the first time, a stream-of-consciousness poem on my site as a sort of experiment … but I’m unsure of the success of it. These noetic things so easily slip through the grasp of firm understanding. It’s like trying to grasp hold of oil … you can, in the end, only grasp a residue–a faint glimpse of what you’re really trying to hold. If only I could understand how to “cup my hands” and accumulate what it is I’m trying to understand!

    Ughhhhh … you’re a genius.

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