stand out in the rain-
keeping the light glow of aquamarine pupils
firmly ahead.

realize, though,
sweet amber dryad,
where futility lies.

lest Anteros’ phoenix
feign its own death
and keep inviting you to baseball games

lest you, irrational,
find yourself staring from the couch
to the ceiling.

As though all the light of your soul
came bleeding through your mouth
because of thoughtful midsummer presents~

in tomorrow lies a different perspective.
the waxen paper of today
burns brightly to light sleep’s route.

brightly and without hesitation
should your love endure, small one,
the starving oxen plowing endless wheat.

embrace, lonely pink flower,
the coquettish wind
before it is gone again into twitching, hateful plains.

remember the smiles of those you love.
these are more important
than the strange, cool breezes
that accompany them.



3 thoughts on “creep

    • i find it’s the most easily universal, and i guess it makes me feel like bulfinch a bit.

      i struggle sometimes trying to make things not greek, but then go with it anyway. i find greek names to be very poetic anyhow. Demeter? Mnemosyne? Bacchus? wonderful names!

  1. I like allusions to mythology for several reasons. One, because it causes me to search deeper (Read: look up things that I’ve long forgotten since High School now that I’m more interested due to the fact that no one’s making me learn them) … but also because you can express a very complicated situation or feeling with one word. And they have awesome names.

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